This seminar, we also attracted Hong Kong Senkan

This seminar, we also attracted Hong Kong Senkang Group and local enterprises, investment 360 million yuan, production and export to the United States functional health shoes.” Shou Gu Yan said.

Currently, the province home industry has taken shape in Zhengzhou, “manufacturing + trade logistics” model as the layout of multi-regional differences in development, cultivate a Qingfeng, Yuanyang, Luoyang, Xinyang and a number of characteristics of industrial parks.

Ministry officials:

By electric car “corner overtaking”

The development of new energy vehicles how urgent the automotive industry with the President of Tsinghua University Institute for Strategic Studies Zhao new technology with a set of data to illustrate.

China’s dependence on foreign oil reached 58.1%, higher than the 50% of the international warning line, including automotive oil consumption accounted for three-fifths, “to ensure the country’s energy security, gasoline prices certainly is the trend, even ‘Hair Oil vote’ is not impossible. “he said.

Of the traditional automotive manufacturing field is not dominant, but in the new energy vehicles, We are not leading, but not backward. Therefore, the Ministry of Equipment Industry, deputy inspector said that the development of new energy vehicles can be said to “corner overtaking”, an opportunity to come from behind.

Zhao said that Henan enterprises to undertake more than electric cars, the government level but also for the purchase of electric vehicles, using the success of the “top-level design”, if they can form a good model, the electric car industry will become Henan a business card.

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China Logistics Ltd. Henan Li Xin, deputy

China Logistics Ltd. Henan Li Xin, deputy head of the preparatory group of the project, told reporters: “As the logistics information asymmetry is now the biggest problem facing the logistics industry, this time we signed with the Air Port is to build information services platform project is expected in 2016 can built and external services. ”

Secretary of the Board of New Energy Co., Qiao Shi Maike history, said the contract with Zhengzhou Air Port is lithium cooperation projects, including smart phones and mobile energy storage lithium battery supporting two aspects of investment over 650 million yuan. Upon completion, Nissan 90 million lithium batteries, the annual output value of 20 billion yuan is expected.

“Choose to invest in Air Port, mainly our customers here. Geographical advantages here is very clear, very perfect supporting services, radiation market is also very strong.” History of the World Qiao said.

In addition, in the afternoon, with a total investment of about 1.5 billion yuan of CD products will be a regional hub for Central logistics base project investment agreement officially signed, marking the project was officially settled in Zhengzhou Airport Economic comprehensive experimental zone.

Nike, UGG shoes and other brand name will make Henan

Many fashion “big” more and more manufacturing plant located in Henan Province. Shoe-cum-home industry on the topic Matchmaking November 1, the dozens of companies from Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Guangdong, Zhejiang and Henan have entered, 58 projects signed, a total investment of 53.27 billion yuan.

From the contract situation, the Nike footwear, UGG manufacturing plant, apple, Jia Ju Le household products, has been or will be stationed in Henan. While Taiwan’s Pou Chen Group, the Hong Kong Golden Horse triumph at home, etc., but come early step in Henan. Internationally renowned behalf of the business, or large domestic shoe-making and home businesses to seek investment opportunities in Henan, they become more and more common choice.

Industry Cluster Zone, director Fugou keep 严介绍 Valley, the textile and garment gathering area in the footwear industry, equipment manufacturing industry as the leading industry, now entering the industrial enterprises above designated size 70, Taiwan’s Pou Chen Group set up Baochang shoes fugou Development Co., Ltd.; Fujian Putian Footwear eternal life, Sunway Shoes fugou also invest and build factories, annual output of 4 million pairs of shoes.

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I love UGG, but I love surfing

“I love UGG, but I love surfing!” This always adhere surfing career, and give up with UGG flourishes of Fame or 69 years, “the old man”, is Sean -UGG invention sheepskin snow boots people. He put on a life time are making surfboards, invented cold sheepskin boots made only at a young age the use of leisure time. 30 years later, UGG sheepskin boots snow had swept the world, almost become an Australian fashion brand endorsements. Talking about his masterpiece, he did not regret the year to sell UGG patent, “I want to be happy, it’s not money can bring.”

Winter surf, how cold?

Sean is a native Australian, living in North Sydney’s “Surfers Paradise” town Mona Vale. In the 1960s, he started making surfboards in the mother left the shed, step by step to become a famous local surfboard craftsmen. His factory, it means there are three rooms of a handicraft workshop, but the production of surfboards is one of many surfers competing Order “weapon.” As adhere handmade, “Sean” brand surfboards produce just 500, and only accept custom service.

“You know how far from my home waterfront? Just 100 meters, I can always burst into the sea, I also surfers!” Sean excitedly told reporters. Sean has been 69 years now, and still adhere to twice a day surfing.

Speaking invention cold boots in mind, Sean recalls: “One day, my friend Nate Young came to my house and said to me, ‘I have some cards that the above is in accordance with my foot drawn map, you can according to a pair of shoes on my feet doing it? ‘He suddenly gave him and ordered 10 pairs of partners, which I did. “” Australia’s winter, icy waters. In this season, I usually wear shirts shoes (in When surfing) still warm but the trouble to find the door – I almost drowned in the sea wearing wet clothes, you can not swim back to shore after flooding clothes became very heavy, wet shoes also make. your feet frozen, so I would like to invent a special shoes for surfers wear is definitely a good idea. In the Australian outback, people over the years with their feet wrapped in sheepskins easy to walk, the problem is the shoes on the beach inconvenient, needs to be improved. “Sean said.

The first pair of shoes, but also on sheep meat adhesion

Sean made the first pair of boots cold, lack of knowledge of leather processing skills, but also with a bit of meat attached to tendons sewn shoes raw sheep’s clothing, “a new wet boots, that taste really awful , if what dogs smell, it boots normally be lunch. “Sean quipped.

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Even fur sheepskin boots by ugg Production Engineering

Winter, all kinds of boots shuttle on the streets, a pair of cute round circle of the brain where snow boots as an always usurp everyone’s eye. Simple style is not fancy, both warm and comfortable, classic

Not bad, with plush velvet hat, filling sweet and playful. From speaking.

Because ugg expensive raw materials, is produced in Australia or Featured whole lambskin leather with Australian wool made into sole also has a special structure. Even fur sheepskin boots by ugg Production Engineering

Factory ex-factory price will not be one or two hundred, which is sure to please
Remember, selected cow fur boots than a little cheap, but also

Not less than 200, because of leather and Australian wool is very expensive material. Those “got you” to buy back the ugg is absolutely defective. From the color terms. Genuine ugg, color is very positive, Yan ugg official website

Whichever color and the color and the outside color of the interior is the same fur. Quality snow boots 3, from the point of shoes. Quite delicate touch the surface of soft shoes is also more delicate

Fine. Very neatly inside the plush, length of uniform density, feel very soft and comfortable, very comfortable light wearing. Importantly, will feel after wearing light, no sense of weight. Quite warm. Inside and outside the shoes clean,

Smooth, no shrinkage on the market Ugg materials division

ugg so popular mainly due to its excellent heat retention. ugg warm good or bad depends on raw materials, various versions of the domestic market, a variety of materials UGG (highest to lowest), but the main

The following points. Domestic exports of a fur

This high-quality fur with fur quality is counter UGG sale material, even thick leather, wool thick creamy, about length 1.5MM (deviation less than 2MM) wool smells vaguely

Unique fragrance, hot foot feeling no sense of warm air, with high-quality pure
Wool has breathability, warmth, moisture and health of 4

Excellent point. (Note: There are many foreign counter UGG also madeinChina, China has become the world’s big UGG producer) domestic sales wool one 2-3 grade Although this is a “fur” material, has been more than

Closer to the genuine material, but can not be used in 2-3 grade meet export standard sheep wool, leather is quite soft and thin do not wear wool sparse.

Leather surface + blended wool

Blended wool mixed up to 70 percent more fiber, reducing the warmth and breathability. Some only boots periphery of wool,

Toe to synthetic hair. (Black-hearted businessman special, cheat consumers do not understand) leather surface + artificial silk hair (synthetic hair)

Most of the material available in the market, warmth and breathability are not very good, but for some of the warm winter, less demanding MM south, there is no problem.

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