China Logistics Ltd. Henan Li Xin, deputy

China Logistics Ltd. Henan Li Xin, deputy head of the preparatory group of the project, told reporters: “As the logistics information asymmetry is now the biggest problem facing the logistics industry, this time we signed with the Air Port is to build information services platform project is expected in 2016 can built and external services. ”

Secretary of the Board of New Energy Co., Qiao Shi Maike history, said the contract with Zhengzhou Air Port is lithium cooperation projects, including smart phones and mobile energy storage lithium battery supporting two aspects of investment over 650 million yuan. Upon completion, Nissan 90 million lithium batteries, the annual output value of 20 billion yuan is expected.

“Choose to invest in Air Port, mainly our customers here. Geographical advantages here is very clear, very perfect supporting services, radiation market is also very strong.” History of the World Qiao said.

In addition, in the afternoon, with a total investment of about 1.5 billion yuan of CD products will be a regional hub for Central logistics base project investment agreement officially signed, marking the project was officially settled in Zhengzhou Airport Economic comprehensive experimental zone.

Nike, UGG shoes and other brand name will make Henan

Many fashion “big” more and more manufacturing plant located in Henan Province. Shoe-cum-home industry on the topic Matchmaking November 1, the dozens of companies from Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Guangdong, Zhejiang and Henan have entered, 58 projects signed, a total investment of 53.27 billion yuan.

From the contract situation, the Nike footwear, UGG manufacturing plant, apple, Jia Ju Le household products, has been or will be stationed in Henan. While Taiwan’s Pou Chen Group, the Hong Kong Golden Horse triumph at home, etc., but come early step in Henan. Internationally renowned behalf of the business, or large domestic shoe-making and home businesses to seek investment opportunities in Henan, they become more and more common choice.

Industry Cluster Zone, director Fugou keep 严介绍 Valley, the textile and garment gathering area in the footwear industry, equipment manufacturing industry as the leading industry, now entering the industrial enterprises above designated size 70, Taiwan’s Pou Chen Group set up Baochang shoes fugou Development Co., Ltd.; Fujian Putian Footwear eternal life, Sunway Shoes fugou also invest and build factories, annual output of 4 million pairs of shoes.

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