This seminar, we also attracted Hong Kong Senkan

This seminar, we also attracted Hong Kong Senkang Group and local enterprises, investment 360 million yuan, production and export to the United States functional health shoes.” Shou Gu Yan said.

Currently, the province home industry has taken shape in Zhengzhou, “manufacturing + trade logistics” model as the layout of multi-regional differences in development, cultivate a Qingfeng, Yuanyang, Luoyang, Xinyang and a number of characteristics of industrial parks.

Ministry officials:

By electric car “corner overtaking”

The development of new energy vehicles how urgent the automotive industry with the President of Tsinghua University Institute for Strategic Studies Zhao new technology with a set of data to illustrate.

China’s dependence on foreign oil reached 58.1%, higher than the 50% of the international warning line, including automotive oil consumption accounted for three-fifths, “to ensure the country’s energy security, gasoline prices certainly is the trend, even ‘Hair Oil vote’ is not impossible. “he said.

Of the traditional automotive manufacturing field is not dominant, but in the new energy vehicles, We are not leading, but not backward. Therefore, the Ministry of Equipment Industry, deputy inspector said that the development of new energy vehicles can be said to “corner overtaking”, an opportunity to come from behind.

Zhao said that Henan enterprises to undertake more than electric cars, the government level but also for the purchase of electric vehicles, using the success of the “top-level design”, if they can form a good model, the electric car industry will become Henan a business card.

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