Even fur sheepskin boots by ugg Production Engineering

Winter, all kinds of boots shuttle on the streets, a pair of cute round circle of the brain where snow boots as an always usurp everyone’s eye. Simple style is not fancy, both warm and comfortable, classic

Not bad, with plush velvet hat, filling sweet and playful. From speaking.

Because ugg expensive raw materials, is produced in Australia or Featured whole lambskin leather with Australian wool made into sole also has a special structure. Even fur sheepskin boots by ugg Production Engineering

Factory ex-factory price will not be one or two hundred, which is sure to please
Remember, selected cow fur boots than a little cheap, but also

Not less than 200, because of leather and Australian wool is very expensive material. Those “got you” to buy back the ugg is absolutely defective. From the color terms. Genuine ugg, color is very positive, Yan ugg official website

Whichever color and the color and the outside color of the interior is the same fur. Quality snow boots 3, from the point of shoes. Quite delicate touch the surface of soft shoes is also more delicate

Fine. Very neatly inside the plush, length of uniform density, feel very soft and comfortable, very comfortable light wearing. Importantly, will feel after wearing light, no sense of weight. Quite warm. Inside and outside the shoes clean,

Smooth, no shrinkage on the market Ugg materials division

ugg so popular mainly due to its excellent heat retention. ugg warm good or bad depends on raw materials, various versions of the domestic market, a variety of materials UGG (highest to lowest), but the main

The following points. Domestic exports of a fur

This high-quality fur with fur quality is counter UGG sale material, even thick leather, wool thick creamy, about length 1.5MM (deviation less than 2MM) wool smells vaguely

Unique fragrance, hot foot feeling no sense of warm air, with high-quality pure
Wool has breathability, warmth, moisture and health of 4

Excellent point. (Note: There are many foreign counter UGG also madeinChina, China has become the world’s big UGG producer) domestic sales wool one 2-3 grade Although this is a “fur” material, has been more than

Closer to the genuine material, but can not be used in 2-3 grade meet export standard sheep wool, leather is quite soft and thin do not wear wool sparse.

Leather surface + blended wool

Blended wool mixed up to 70 percent more fiber, reducing the warmth and breathability. Some only boots periphery of wool,

Toe to synthetic hair. (Black-hearted businessman special, cheat consumers do not understand) leather surface + artificial silk hair (synthetic hair)

Most of the material available in the market, warmth and breathability are not very good, but for some of the warm winter, less demanding MM south, there is no problem.

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